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About Us

CanabSys is the brainchild of a green entrepreneur. He and everyone here at CanabSys are on a mission to transform the health and lifestyle of earthlings simply and sustainably using hemp

Why adopt hemp products?

Adopting hemp in your daily life will allow you to live stronger and happier. Hemp has many benefits that Indians and the rest of the world are slowly coming to terms with.

Hemp products are often stigmatized as we have forgotten that hemp has been a crucial part of Ayurveda since time immemorial.

The uses of hemp are many. For instance, if one removed the fibers out of a hemp plant, they will end up with yarn. Similarly, chop up a hemp plant and you will end up with a limitless supply of softwood. Hemp seeds can be cold-pressed to derive oil from them. Hemp seed oil is nutritious and it is slowly but surely making its way into the league of ‘super foods’.

Types of products we offer to you

We offer quality assured hemp products that match the quality standards of similar products available overseas. Our hemp-based wellness product range consists of -

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Rs. 799.00

Organic Hemp Hearts

Rs. 299.00

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Rs. 1,999.00

Why adopt hemp products?

  • Everyone here at CanabSys is tirelessly working to make sure hemp and products derived from it find their place in the mainstream and rids from the stigma associated with their use. We have a dedicated research and development department where experts are finding ways to derive new products from hemp so that we can expand our product range and offer hemp-based solutions to our ever-expanding client base. We are slowly working our way to becoming one of the leading companies in India that offer hemp-based quality assured wellness products and that too at reasonable rates. We source our hemp from the sacred Himalayas. We make sure that the hemp plants we use to manufacture our wellness products are maturing in their natural environment. We do not use any artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides in a bid to ensure that our products do not harm our customers. We are a customer-centric organization that is on a mission to offer quality assured products and immaculate after-sales assistance. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you have an amazing experience while shopping at our e-store. We have a dedicated customer service cell, an intuitively designed user interface for our e-store, seamless payment solutions and an easy refund policy.
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